Creating Accounts

Considering the newaccount action is simply an action within an on-chain contract, this can easily be executed on-chain using ArisenJS and other ARISEN SDKs. For example, after initiating ArisenJS, you could do the following:


It's important to note that accounts can only be created by already existent accounts, since there are RAM costs associated with storing the new account data on-chain and only an already existent account would have the RIX needed to purchase the RAM. With that said, this is why in the code below, you will see buyrambytes and delegatebw actions coupled with the newaccount action, within the transaction below.

const Arisen = require('arisenjsv1')
// ARISEN config
config = {
chainId: null,
keyProvider: ['PrivateKeys...'],
httpEndpoint: '',
broadcast: true,
verbose: false,
sign: true
// Initiate config
arisen = Arisen(config)
wif = 'PrivateKey'
pubkey = 'PublicKey'
arisen.transaction(tr => {
creator: 'youraccount',
name: 'newaccount',
owner: pubkey,
active: pubkey
payer: 'youraccount',
receiver: 'newaccount',
bytes: 8192
from: 'youraccount',
receiver: 'newaccount',
stake_net_quantity: '10.0000 RIX',
stake_cpu_quantity: '10.0000 RIX',
transfer: 0

What's next?

Learn how users can be authenticated and how transactions can be signed via authenticators here.