Compiling A Smart Contract

Compiling and deploying smart contracts on ARISEN requires a kit called ARISEN CDT. To install ARISEN CDT, follow the instructions below:

Installing ARISEN CDT

git clone --recursive
cd arisen.cdt
sudo /

Creating A Test Contract

Create a file called hello.cpp with the following contents:

#include <arisen/arisen.hpp>
using namespace arisen;
class [[arisen::contract]] hello : public contract {
using contract::contract;
void hi(name user) {
print ("Hello, ", user);
### Compiling The Contract
To compile our Hello contract to Web Assembly (.wasm), run the following command using ARISEN CDT's `arisen.cpp` utility:

arisen-cpp hello.cpp hello.wasm

This will output your contract into WebAssembly, which will ready it for deployment on ARISEN.
#### What's next?
Learn how to deploy a smart contract to ARISEN and test it, [here](/backend/deploying-a-smart-contract).