Looking Up Network Addresses

As we covered in Announcing a network address, in order to lookup dWeb network addresses, your application will first have to act as DHT node.

You can lookup a dWeb network address programmatically, using the @dwebswarm/dht library, by doing the following:

const dht = require('@dwebswarm/dht')
const crypto = require('crypto')
const node = dht({
ephemeral: true
const dWebNetworkAddress = crypto.randomBytes(32)
.on('data', console.log)

This should return the following:

// The DHT node that is returning this data
node: {host, port },
// List of peers
peers: [ { host, port }, ...],
// List of LAN peers
localPeers: [ { host, port }, ...]

What's next?

Learn how to deploy your website or web app's files in a dDrive using tools like dDrive Daemon and dBrowser here.