Distributed File System Frameworks

As discussed previously, a dDrive is a distributed file system built on top of dDatabase. There are several tools for creating, managing and distributing dDrives, as well as a Node.JS implementation of dDrive, so that you can do the same within your applications.

dDrive Daemon

dDrive Daemon is a command-line interface for creating, managing and distributing dDrives.

To install dDrive Daemon, simply run the following command:

npm install ddrive-daemon -g

In order to install dDrive Daemon, you will need to have Node.JS and NPM installed on your device.

There are also further setup instructions that can be found here as well as dDrive Daemon's full usage instructions, which can be found here.

dDrive Daemon Clients & gRPC Schema

We have launched a Node.JS client for interacting with dDrive Daemon programmatically, along with a gRPC protobuf schema for creating clients in other languages.

dDrive Node.JS API

You can easily integrate dDrives into your applications using dDrive's Node.JS API, described here.


What's next?

Learn about the tools you'll need to write and compile smart contracts here.